Copper Roofing Panels

Copper is the most attractive of all metal roofing options. It is an increasingly popular metal roofing option, and for good reasons. The high sheen of brand-new copper settles into a beautiful patina over time. The distinct look of copper roofing will complement your home and give it a classic, unique look.

7/8" Corrugated
7/8" corrugated metal roofing has deep wavy corrugations that look stunning on your metal roof. Exposed fasteners.
R Panel/PBR Panel
Contemporary looking panel that looks fairly similar to standing seam from ground to roof. Huge cost savings when compared to standing seam.
Standing Seam
Standing seam is the most common metal roofing. The fasteners are concealed for both weather tightness and stream lined appearance.
Western Rib®
Ribbed 7.2” exposed fastener panels offer wider coverage and it's trapezoidal design makes this our strongest panel. Exposed fasteners.
Copper Flat Sheets and Coil
Our copper coil and flats are made from ¾ hard copper. This makes it easier to roll form into a panel and there will be less oil canning. 48”, 24”, 20” Wide in 16 oz/20 oz
Pre-Painted Metal That Looks Like Copper
Metal roofing that has been pre-painted to look like copper is a growing favorite among architects and builders. Huge cost savings when compared to real copper.

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